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Day 16 Santa Rosa- Gracias

Written on: Wednesday August 8th, 2007

A journal entry from: Central America Road Trip 2007

Got up early, had breakfast and a little internet then set off for the town of Gracias, another small cobblestoned mountain town about 45 kms SE of Santa Rosa. As the day before this bus ride was a big part of the expereince and very scenic. Got to the town around lunch and looked around. A few nice churches and a small fort on top of a nearby hill offering fine views of the town and neighboring Celacque Nat´l Park. Originally, I had hoped to do a little climbing at least partway up the mountain, which is the tallest in Honduras, but my ankle was throbbing just from my climb up to the fort so I was forced to settle for that. On the way down I stopped at a hillside restaurant (Guanasco?) and ordered a late lunch. Sitting at the next table was a cute gringa girl. The first I had seen for a while, so I struck up a conversation. She was a nurse from Atlanta working with the Peace Corps in Gracias for the last 6 months on HIV education projects. We talked a little about things like my trip, the town, the Peace Corp and what role a dull old accountant like myself could play in it and she almost had me ready to sign up, but not quite. It was getting towards midafternoon so I headed back to town and grabbed the next bus back to Santa Rosa. This time I sat on the other side of the bus to capture the views I had somewhat missed on the way out. Unfortunately, my camera battery was starting to give out and my shots were limited but I think I got some good ones, which eventually I will post. For dinner I ate at the restaurant across from my hotel Paris de Copan and felt it was much better than where I ate the night before. Then back to my hotel to pop another couple of Tylenol for my ankle and laying in bed watching a couple of movies before finally calling it an night.

Total cost for the day only $32