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Day 10 Managua (still)

Written on: Thursday August 2nd, 2007

A journal entry from: Central America Road Trip 2007

This morning i called the embassy as soon as they were open to tell them I had found my passport but of course it had already been cancelled I went out to the bank and to find a new hotel more in my price range. The place I found is where Iprobably should have stayed all along - Managua Backpackers Inn. It is a relatively new place not far from where I was already staying in Las Robles, in other words in a nice section of Managua conveniently close to the Metro Centro and Zona Hippo areas where there was nice restaurants and nightlife. As I recall the price was something like $22-nt for a private room with its own bath and a/c (in the evening only). That is just over a fourth of what I had been paying the last 2 nights. And Brenda even liked it because it had a nice pool. After checking in, I headed over to the embassy to pickup my passport which was now ready. It had cost me $97 (plus cabfares) and is only good for 1 year but I can trade it in for a regular one when I get home and it only took 2 days. I joked with Lara (the embassy employee) that I should tell everyone should get their passports renewed in Managua since they are so fast and she shook her head NO in mock horror. So pretend you didnīt read that hear. Since my passport was going to run out in April anyway and I needed to get it renewed soon this actually didnīt turn out to be such a bad thing. Well except for being forced to stay in Managua an extra couple of days. After that I went to pick up my Tica tickets for the next morning and returned back to the hotel for a dip in the pool with Brenda. In the evening we went out for dinner to Jiraffe Joes in Zona Hippo (pretty good chicken Parmigiana but the garlic toast was kinda wierd). In the evening, Brenda hung out at the hotel with me and we chatted with some of the other gringo guests - a nice group of people. One gal in particular seemed to enjoy practicing her spanish with Brenda and Brenda seemed to be ahving a good time too. Unfortunatrly I called it an early evening since I had to leave for the terminal at 3:45 and wanted to catch a few zīz before i had to leave.