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Day 9 Managua

Written on: Wednesday August 1st, 2007

A journal entry from: Central America Road Trip 2007

Not much to report today. Returned the car in the AM so as not to get charged for another day. Went to see the festival in the afternoon. Of course, Brenda wanted to pick up some new things to wear (or was that the day before, I need to get caught up on these journals). Evidently, or for her at least, there is a whole style to this thing with people wearing western looks (checked shirts, cowboy hat etc.). I let her pick out a shirt for me and somethings for her. Anyway we get to the festival area around 2 or 3 and things are already getting started. This (along with Dia del Revolucion) is one of the big days in Nicaragua. Its basically a horse parade with vaqueros coming from all over Nicaragua and even other countries like the US to ride down the streets. It is great people watching with lots of food booths. After a few hours we head back to the hotel  to freshen up and head out for the night (didnīt bother changing hotels since it was so nice, Brenda really liked it and didnīt want to go back to her apartment).