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Day 8 back to Managua

Written on: Tuesday July 31st, 2007

A journal entry from: Central America Road Trip 2007

Yet another late start for our drive back to Managua. After dealing with some idiotic traffic on a narrow street out of town, Brenda remembered she wanted to have a local speciality before she left and so we turned back around to get what looked to me like chicharrones. Yum, whatever. It may sound like Iīve grown a little frustrating with Brenda and there are some maddening aspects to her personality, but in many ways she is extremely charming and I think I can say for both of us that we are having a great time.

When we got back to Managua the original plan was to find a new hotel (no more bedbugs at the first place but we wanted to dfo better) and then head over to Leon for the afternoon, but that didnīt seem too practical due to our delayed arrival. Instead we headed over to Tica Bus to pick up my bus tickets and thats when disaster seemed to hit. Where did my passport go? There we are hot and sweaty from the Managua heat, hungry from our drive and Iīm digging through my bags trying to find my passport while some homeless guy is looking on like he wants a hand out or something while Iīm telling him to get lost and leave me alone and Brenda is crying at my that she didnīt take it. Of course I know it wasnīt her. I need to find a place to cool off and think (and call the US embassy). Brenda took me to a hotel she knew in a decent part of town, which was very nice but way more than I really wanted to spend but at that point I didnīt care. I check in and call the embassy to find out what I needed to do. They coulkd take care of me but would close at 3PM and would also be closed the next day due to a local festival. So we went right over and I applied for a replacement. It would be ready in 2 days on Thursday afternoon. I hadnīt originally planned on staying around that long, as I really didnīt care much for Managua but Brenda had been trying to convince me to stick around for the festival so I made the best of it.

Now comes the punchline. We get back to the hotel and I go into my day pack to get something and what should I find? My passport! I could swear I looked there before but who knows. Brenda looked at me like I was from Mars and I felt like a total idiot. Oh yeah, I also found my camera that I also thought was missing.

Went out for dinner and stayed in since after that day I was not really up for doing much.