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Day 6 Managua to Granada

Written on: Sunday July 29th, 2007

A journal entry from: Central America Road Trip 2007

I actually started this blog on Travelblog.org and they´ve been down for the last several days. I hope I haven´t lost my pearly words of wisdom from the first few days of my trip. If it ever comes back on-line and I haven´t lost my work, maybe I´ll just transfer them over to here. In brief, I started my trip in San Jose Costa Rica and after a day or 2 of catching up with some friends there I boarded an early early morninbg Tica Bus for Nicaragua, getting of along the way to visit San Juan del Sur on the southern coast of Nicaragua. Another couple of days brought me to Managua where I met a friend of friend who agreed to show me around for a share of the fun.

Today, we´re off to Granada. This trip was originally supposed to be an exercise in budget travel, and I had been doing pretty good up until yesterday. After meeting Brenda, my friend Jay´s amiga, I´ve found that 2 do not travel as cheaply as one especially when one does not share my simple tastes. Oh well, I can afford to throw caution to the wind for a few days and really just enjoy myself. So after a late start (at the risk of feminist backlash, it seems women are the same everywhere in that regard), we rent a car. $30/day or only $15 after a discount, but I´m not sure if that discount only came because I also paid another $29/day for insurance. As it turns out I don´t think insurance is really needed. The marked every little single ding and scratch on the car before I signed it out including some I couldn´t even see myself. My god, what are they going to find and charge me for when I bring it back. As it turned out even though I know I picked a few more dings from places I parked and once backing up into a high curb I didn´t see that roughed up one of the plastic mudflaps near the tires, I didn´t get charged for anything. Driving is pretty easy in Managua and Nicaragua. The hard part for me was navigating and I had Brenda for that. The car may have seemed a little extravagant considering my original plans but considering all I spent out the day before on taxis and the added convenience of not having to depend on chicken buses to get to Granada it seemed worth the added expense.

Along the wasy we stopped at Vulcan Masaya, a nice view and a long walk uphill from the road if we hadn´t had the car. After driving through the nearby town filled with carious artesan shops we detoured next to Laguna Apoya, reachable by local bus from Masaya but again probably much more time consuming than if we had the car. Brenda was feeling a little under the weather so headed off to Granada and our hotel, a very nice place I would heartily recommend to anyone called Hotel Cocibolca (after the indian name for Lake Nicaragua). It was only about 3 blocks al lago from the central square. It had a nice pool and the rooms were nice and cool with the a/c and only $30/nt each and the manager Carlos was very accomodating to our needs even going out for Brenda to pick some Panadol (the nica brand of Tylenol which I already had and offered to her, but anyway). That evening we went out for some dinner, and after finally finding a place that Brenda would agree to we ate and then went for a carriage ride around the town.