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Day 18 Copans Ruinas Photos

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Stela B - another shot

Stela H - Note the red pigment that still remains on the statue

One of the Scarlet Macaws near the entrance to the Principal Group at Copans Ruinas

Las Sepulturas (about 1 mile from the Principal Group of ruins) is a Lenca ruin and thought to be where the common people lived.

Another scene at Las Sepulturas

A nice mural on the wall of the local school at the Chorti indian village in the hills above the ruins and the town of Copans

View of the ruins from the indian village

A couple of cute little indian girls selling corn husk dolls.

Our trusty steeds Palomo and Estrella (and friend) taking a little break.

View of the ruins from atop Palomo

Mini-Sturgis getting started at the town of Copans

Another shot of the biker gathering at Copans

Yet another biker shot.

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