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Day 18 Copans Ruinas Photos


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Stela P(?) in the West (or Santa Rosa) Plaza at Copans Ruinas

Altar Q in front of Temple 16 in the West Plaza depicts the 16 members of the Copan Dynasty.

Overview of the Cementario, once thought to be burial grounds, but now known to be the residential compund of the upper classes

Another view of the Cementario at Copans Ruinas

Yet another slightly different view of the Cementario at Copans Ruinas

The East (or Jaguar) Court at Copans Ruinas

The Sun God (on top) and one of the Jaguar guards at the East Court

Looking down on the Heiroglyphic Staircase and Ball Court at Copans Ruinas

Stela M in front of the Heiroglyphic Staircase at Copans Ruinas

Close up of Stela N

The Hieroglyphic Stairway - The most famous of Copan's monuments, 63 steps and several thousand glyphs tell the history of the royal house of Copan and is the longest known text of ancient mayan civilization. Unfortunately, the steps have fallen out of place leaving the exact meaning undecipherable.

The Sacrificial Altar at Copans Ruinas. Note the curved channels for the blood to run down after the cut out heart of the victim was placed on top.

Stela B - a close up.



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