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Day 13 Suchitoto back to San Sal Photos

A grassy cobblestoned street in Suchitoto

Some of the local caballeros passing the time while the market opens for the day

Some local women beginning their marketing for the day

A view of the town church and fountain in the morning light

The back road out of town and around the lake

My first shot of the lake from the road around it

A much better shot that came after I waited for Elsita to pose.

Another nice view of the lake

Another nice view of the lake

Yet another of the many nice views of the lake

A view of the lake from the mirador near the falls. Note the moss covered tables. Does any ever visit this really nice place.

A side view of the Tercios falls.

A frontal view of the falls

The shoe repair strip on the way to downtown San Salvador from the El Oriente bus station (for Bruce)

The National Cathedral in San Salvador. Note the colordul indigeneous style painting on the front.