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First day in Roma!

Written on: Tuesday July 20th, 2010

A journal entry from: Italy 2010

Buon sera!

It is about 6:30 PM and Nicole and I have made it safely to Rome!  After getting up at 3:00 AM, the bus took us all to the airport in Trieste, then continued on to the train station for those of us catching trains!  Nicole and I left Trieste at 6:35 AM, changed trains in Venice, and then made it to Rome at about 12:15 PM.  The train ride was great, very clean, comfortable seats, and air conditioning!

We walked over to the hostel, the Beehive, checked in, and left our luggage.  Then we went out into the inferno!  Yes, it was 37 degrees while we were walking.  We saw the Spanish Steps, but after a very early morning, we were fading fast!  So we headed back to the hostel to try to get some rest.  We are in a dorm room, and I think it's close to 37 in there as well, with the no airconditioning and all.  After some unpleasant sweating and tossing and turning, I've retreated to the basement where it is cool, appears to be air conditioned, and there is free internet!  Not sure I'll be able to upload photos here, this is a Mac computer, so I'm out of my element.

Anyway, Nicole and I are going to relax and then get ready to go out to dinner or drinks!  Our tour guide Alessio very graciously offered to show us some sights while we are here, so we will probably meet up with him too, and hopefully it will be cool enough to survive!  

Miss everyone at home, only 4 more days!


From Mom on Jul 20th, 2010

We miss you too! Have a wonderful time in ROMA!

From Kim on Jul 21st, 2010

Sounds like you having a great time! :) yay!