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Milano and Gorizia

Written on: Friday July 16th, 2010

A journal entry from: Italy 2010


So hot...not sure I can muster the energy to write a post...:)

We are in Gorizia and it is about 37 degrees right now at almost 8:00 PM...probably hit 40 or so today.  I'm starting to feel like there's no place in this country that is not an inferno.

Our last afternoon/evening in Milan was fanastic.  We saw the Last Supper which was amazing and I highly recommend it.  You only get to see it for 15 minutes, but I think it's worth it!  Definitely a high point.  Then we booked back to the meeting place for the bus and drove to Monza, which is a suburb of Milan with about 180,000 people.  It was really cute, and we got to go on a quick walking tour of the city with a guide before our concert.  The concert was held in a cloister, so outside in a little courtyard.  Needless to say it was extremely hot, and there were lights on us, and did I mention that it doesn't cool down at night??!  LOL

It was a really great concert, the audience was really appreciative and everything felt really good and relaxed.   Then we walked over to a bar/restaurant for a light buffet before driving back to Milan.  More late nights!!

Yesterday we drove to Verona which was really interesting and I wish we had had more time there.  We walked over to Juliet's House, and then Nicole, Alessio and I had a quick lunch of fruit, and walked around a bit before we had to go back to the bus. 

Then we made it to Gorizia, had just a small amount of time to get ready for another concert!  This was in a church, so had to be all sacred music.  It went really well!  And a small group of 6 of us had to do two pieces which we just learned on the bus between Verona and Gorizia!  Talk about pressure.  But it was actually good!  Then there was another light buffet, with some sort of delicious peach and liquor drink, and then back on the bus to come back to the hotel.

 This morning we rehearsed, went over to a meet and greet with some other choirs and had a little sing-off, haha, then had another rehearsal and 5 minute sound check in the space we competed in.  After a quick rest and some lunch, we headed over to the competition in our black dresses which again were so hot!  I can't stop talking about how hot it is!  The class today was the folk class, so we also had our folk shirts, aprons, etc. on...it was molto caldo.

The class went pretty well, but we were a bit tense, not suprisingly.  The audience was also really quiet...so, hopefully tomorrow improves!  Tomorrow is the Renaissance class and 20th century, which should be awesome!

Anyway, we are rehearsing in 5 minutes, so must go.  Check back for pictures in a little bit!!



From Mom on Jul 16th, 2010

Nice Pictures! VERY NICE!