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Firenze - Day 2, Pisa, and San Gimignano

Written on: Saturday July 10th, 2010

A journal entry from: Italy 2010


 I'm falling behind on the blog entries, better pick up the pace!  For our second day in Florence, we went for a walk in the morning with our tour guide while half of us went into the Uffizi.  Florence is beautiful, there's not nearly enough time to see everything.  In fact, I don't think I saw anything that was on my list. Oh well, an excuse to go back someday!  Then we had a tour of the Uffizi, and got some interesting tidbits from a lady who lives in Florence and is an art professor, I think.  Some very famous paintings in there, like the Birth of Venus, but of course, not enough time!  Then it was off to an old lemon grove for our joint concert, which started at about 10:00 PM with the other choir, Tempus Floridum, who were actually very good!  Then it was our turn and all in all we didn't get out of there until very late.  It was apparently a festival too, there was other "acts" at 11:00, including an acrobat, and a little bar and food. 

 Yesterday we drove to Pisa, where we had tickets to go up the Leaning Tower...unfortunately we were really late and we had to reschedule most of the tickets.  So I had to go up by myself, boo-urns.  It was definitely worth doing, it is an amazing view and amazing to walk inside it and feel how much it really tilts!  The temperature in the Piazza was about 42 degrees...so hot!  And of course I got sunburned despite my SPF 60, since I kept sweating it off.  Then we drove to a little town called Lucca, which was very cute, but not enough time to really look around. 

 Today we drove to Castello di Verrazzano for a winery tour, tasting and feast.  It was fantastic.  Definitely the best experience so far, and Tuscany is incredible.  Beautiful views, and the wine and food were amazing.  We all may have had a bit too much wine!  We were supposed to drive to Siena after that, but everyone was feeling very hot and wanted to get to our hotel in San Gimignano.  So we drove straight here, went to a supermarket for fresh fruit and water, then had to walk up the hills to the hotel.  San Gimignano is a very pretty town, very hilly, so you get a workout!  Probably about 39 today as well...I really need to do laundry, needless to say.  We explored a bit, went to a concert by a chamber orchestra from a high school in Ohio, had gelato (pesca = peach, delicious!) and then went for dinner at about 10:00 PM at a great little trattoria that our tour guide found out about.  Homemade pasta, house wine, and great company. 

 Now it is about 12:45 AM so I better sign off and go to bed, early day tomorrow with mass in the morning here in San Gimignano, then driving to Venice and singing at mass at St. Mark's!  Should be a great day.  Although, our tour guide told us it will feel even hotter in Venice due to the humidity!  :p

Hopefully I can post again soon, hope everyone is doing well!