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world of warcraft tips

Written on: Monday June 2nd, 2008

A journal entry from: world of warcraft tips

World of Warcraft is the most exiting online game and while Playing the game most of the players struggle to earn a lot of gold. Most of the players try search cheat code for this game to earn gold. This article will help you a lot to earn more and more gold. Actually WoW gold cheats do not exist. The best way to earn gold in this online game is by going through the guidelines and other information about the game that are available on the internet .If you are trying any unknown cheats to earn gold, you would face some problem and your account will be black out. So don?t try to find cheats instead try to follow the guideline of world of warcraft. These tips could work as gold cheat and can help a lot to earn gold and money.

The first aim in world of warcraft is to aim at the North Western Plaugelands and then try to collect more and more gold from Scarlet city. In Scarlet city you find a tower, near which you get a bunch of gold .There you will find spellbinders that will throw a formula called ?Enchant Weapon Crusader? which if you deal will help you get 200 gold. Since these mobs respawn again and again you can earn more and more gold. Another way to earn gold is to attack the priests of Scarlet in their private place which are easy to break.

You can trade rune clothes for huge amount of money and later this huge amount of money can be traded for gold. After earning gold from Northern Plguelands you move to the Eastern part pf plagueland to earn gold in the same way. Here mobs will spread out a potion called Greater Protection Potion. Here you can earn gold as this potion cutout and you can obtain 1 gold for each potion.

Another place to get World of Warcraft Gold is The Dire Maul Tribute while this will require a group of you if you need World of Warcraft Gold this way. In a group you can find the gold in this way easily but it is very difficult to find gold if you are alone.

I hope these tips will help you a lot to earn more and more world of warcraft gold.


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