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Deutscheland yah.

Written on: Sunday October 14th, 2007

A journal entry from: stupid oceans

Hi all and welcome.  Picking up out of Barcelona, a gorgeous city full of sangria and street performers, I flew trusty ol'Ryan air to Venice.  Venice, hmmm, in summary its ridiculously overpriced, crowded and dirty.  These negatives however are brought up to balance by the stunning beauty of the city.  In short, its good to spend a day but claustriphobia settles in pretty quickly when 10000 tourists are trundling through the tight alleys.  So, next stop Berlin, my most anticipated city and thanks to Mike's persuasion one I couldn't refuse.  I am deeply impressed by this city, lets just say its only 5 degrees outside but the shivers I am experiencing have nothing to do with the cold. I took a walking tour through the main sites on a gorgeous autumns morning, taking in Hitler's bunker, the reichstag and sections of what is left of the wall.  Throughout the whole city is a cobblestone path tracing the route of where the walls where formed and following this path brings you up to certain sections of the wall as well as those famous checkpoints, yeah, you know the one...Charlie.  The modernity of the city is also staggering, images of rubble and Russian tanks fleeted through my mind as I took in the new Berlin and its remarkable cleanliness.  The whole city feels as if it has literally buried its past and gives off this sense of being constantly on the edge.  Its ideas and structures themselves seem to be made in mockery of their own turbid history (the reichstag for instance was redesigned with a massive glass dome at the top where anyone can enter for free at any time to climb to the top of the dome and look down on the German parliment, a testament to their push towards democracy).  Last night some fellows from the hostel (two germans, one swedish girl, one slovanian girl, two canadians, one hungarian, one irish and one mexican) and I travelled unexpectedly deep into east berlin where full sections of the wall littered with graffiti still stand.  We managed to locate the German techno district, then the sun came up.  Today I will walk the Reichstag dome at night and maybe try some German sushi (I miss it maybe even more then Tim Hortons).  Tommorrow I am heading back to the homeland, the big NL where I found a dairy farm near Amersfoort that I will be working at for a bit.  Strangely the owners happen to have the same last name as I, we will see what comes of that then hey!  Nkay, thanks for listening.



From ? on Oct 15th, 2007

dat is wunderbar

From Doug on Oct 17th, 2007

I heard a news report that bad smell was eminating out of Berlin a couple of days ago. Now I know why.