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Written on: Tuesday August 28th, 2007

A journal entry from: Bikes, trains, and maps

Alright, so flickr is way easier for me to use (i.e. I donīt have to upload one file at a time), and everyone seems to know how to navigate it, so thatīs where my picture are located

Itīs too bad this site didnīt work better cause now I wonīt end up with a nice map of the route Iīve taken (although flickr now has an option for Ļgeo-taggingĻ pictures, so I can at least mark where they were taken).  Also, the only journal/blog-like aspect will be in the comments I attach to each of my photos.

 Check it out sometime.



From peter on Aug 28th, 2007

Also, send me your address if you want to get a postcard!!!!!!

From Michael on Aug 29th, 2007

Have you no link to this alleged flickr page? I take it you're in Europe now, hope you're having a good time. Michael from Wright Bros.

From peter on Sep 9th, 2007

Good call, Michael. Link's up.