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Vacationing in Pennsylvania

Written on: Tuesday September 18th, 2007

A journal entry from: Pennsylvania Vacation

If you think life is one big festival, Pennsylvania is the place for you. An experience with Pennsylvania vacation rentals is an experience with the cultural heartbeats that give life to this popular Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The state is also of immense historical importance, simply because of the reason it's named the Quaker State, and also because William Penn had something to do about it.

Admiral Penn, William's father, did lend his name to the state. And why is William Penn so important? Penn was the architect of the First Frame of Government constitution that provided Pennsylvania with a liberty of conscience. Penn wanted his people to be able to oppose or avoid rituals and oaths if they felt like it. Pennsylvania is also known as the Keystone State from 1802 onwards, since it's located centrally among the original Thirteen Colonies of the United States. Vacationers to Pennsylvania can always feel the past caching up with them. History is alive, as is culture and the natural attractions. Pennsylvania is also an industrial and agricultural heartland with rifles and Conestoga wagons among the production list, and feed, fiber, and tobacco among the production list. Pennsylvania is therefore important to the United States.

And here's what it's got to offer in terms of tourism opportunities. Philadelphia in Pennsylvania offers plenty of historic attractions as well a range of Vacation Rentals. Philadelphia's attractions include the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Franklin Institute and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Nature lovers among guests of Pennsylvania vacation rentals need to head to the Allegheny National Forest that draws boaters, hikers, and nature lovers as does the Delaware Water Gap, while The Poconos attract golfers, fishermen and honeymooners. The Allegheny National Forest consists of 500,000 acres of land, and is home to the Kinzua Dam that created the Allegheny Reservoir.

But the real treat of Pennsylvania is reserved for culture and history lovers. Pennsylvania Dutch Country located in south-central Pennsylvania is home to old German sects. These include the Old Order Amish, the Old Order Mennonites, and 35 other sects. They have their own way of life, and it's interesting to realize their contribution to the cultural framework of Philadelphia. The sects speak the Pennsylvania Dutch language which isn't a descendent of Dutch, but German.

All this and much more welcome vacationers to this Commonwealth. It's yours enjoy and reconstruct the past with. You always have the comfort of Pennsylvania Vacation Rentals and Philadelphia vacation condos to turn to after a day of exploration of nature and culture. Time to get started with the online reservations then.