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Written on: Thursday June 7th, 2007

A journal entry from: France, Italy and Monaco 2005

so we landed in paris after a short stop over in frankfurt, and after little to no trouble in the airport, proceeded to the parking lot. upon entering the bus, we noticed it was already half full. after a few conversations with the co-ordinators of both trips we found out we will be travelling with another group from austin, texas... who happened to be a group of 15 or so girls, can't say that me or either of the other 2 guys on our trip were dissapointed at that. our hotel was nice, but my decision to wear shorts that day was one i regretted later in the day, as we found out that our tour guide did not quite know paris as well as she thought. eventually we made it to the louvre, which had some amazing works of art on display; however, our jet legged eyes kind of put a damper on the whole event. after a good power nap, the sole guys room for either groups had plenty of energy, and began mingling with some of the texans...which was quickly followed by the mocking of french television and frustration at the large amount of 'text message' commercials, something that none of us did at the time.


further exploration of paris led us in the direction of the seine river and the eiffel tower. the bus trip to the river proved to be much more eventful than one would expect. the tight manouvering required in the city proved to be a far more difficult task than our driver could handle, much to the delight of the four of us in the back row. shock and fear first gripped us as we heard the loud crunch come from behind us. these emotions were quickly replaced by hilarity as our driver quickly burst into tears, then sped away in the same motion(as gutless as that sounds, maybe its one of those 'you had to be there' situations). the cruise that awaited us; however, was very much worth the wait. the lights of paris were breathtaking, with the twinkling lights of the eiffel tower and the multicoloured lights scattered around representing paris' most recent olympic bid. the top of the tower also proved to amaze many, a view i will never forget.

the next day gave us a little more freedom as we were able to walk around, do a little shopping, and even catch some great views. we also managed to fit the notre dame cathedral in, even amid controversy with a few of paris' finest who were upset with our bus parking so close. nothing 50 euros couldn't cover however.

finally, we made a trip to the gorgeous palais de versailles where the vast gardens, cobblestone walkways and rooms amazed us all. one room in particular stands out in mind, which contained giant historic paintings of great french leaders and battles they fought.

by this time we had enough of the cold weather that paris had to offer and boarded a train down south through marseille to nice