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On to the east coast

Written on: Sunday May 23rd, 2010

A journal entry from: Europe 2010

May 23, 2010


We decided that we're done with history and ruins, Roger has been very patient with me as his interest in this type of stuff is limited so we took a look at the map for options of what to do and both came up with the idea of going to the east coast and having a look at the Adriatic.  According to the map there are numerous small towns along the coast but I'd never heard any reports on them.  So we left our hotel in Sorrento to head back towards Rome.  Sorrento is on a headland south of Naples and the mountains are close to the ocean so it's a windy, long journey to get back to the motorway.  We've noticed that the transport of choice in a lot of the big cities in Europe is a scooter and they zoom in and out of traffic perilously.  On the hilly narrow roads of the peninsular it was particularly alarming, we relaxed once we got onto the motorway and had Naples behind us.  It was an uneventful trip, we marveled at the engineering wonders of the road that took us across Italy from Rome to Giulianova where we'd booked a room for the night.  The whole road seemed to consist of bridges and tunnels, one tunnel was over 10kms long, it was a toll road and we wondered just how much it was going to cost us as it had obviously been very expensive to construct but we were pleased to only pay 21E for the whole trip from Naples to Giulianova.  We passed the town of L'Aguila where 200 people were killed in an earthquake last year.  The only visible signs of the earthquake that we were aware of were lots of cranes on the horizon, reading the Lonely Planet it advised that over 50 old churches were damaged in the earthquake including the basilica.  


We arrived in Giulianova in the early afternoon and were happy to see that it was just what we were looking for, a small town with long sandy beaches.  Our hotel, which is a Best Western, sits across from the beach.  Each hotel seems to have its own stretch of beach with umbrellas and sunbeds.  We had a walk along the front and then settled down for an hour on the beach with our books.  The hotel room is such an upgrade from our last one, with a balcony overlooking the Adriatic, the sun was on the balcony when we got back from the beach so we were able to sit out for an hour before getting ready to go out for dinner.  The town was just crazy, there were people everywhere walking and riding bikes along the promenade which stretches for miles.  Turns out that it was the Whitsunside weekend in Italy which is a bit funny as I thought we were told in France last week that it was the holiday of the Ascension, which is the same as Whitsuntide, guess Christ rose from the dead a week later in Italy. We eventually found somewhere to eat, back to the pasta and pizza again, can't wait for roast beef and Yorkshire pud.  The hotel was so comfortable we decided to stay for a second night.


May 24th

Lovely breakfast in the hotel, good coffee too. After breakfast we went for a walk into the town and picked up some supplies and then went down to the beach and basically laid around for the rest of the day, reading and doing Suduko.  We were ready for a day of relaxing, think our shoes are too, I wish now that I'd brought a pedometer with us to keep track of just how far we've walked this past two weeks.  The town is a strange mixture, in our area it's quite well kept, they have a lovely promenade for walking and biking but towards town it gets a bit rundown with lots of weeds growing everywhere and the beaches aren't very well looked after.  Then you hit our hotel area and everything is in good shape but it degrades again a few hundred metres from the area we're staying in.  With the beautiful ocean which seems very calm and not too tidal, it would appear to be an ideal holiday place but the rest of Europe doesn't seem to have found it yet as the hotels are no more than five stories and for the end of May it seems very quiet, apart from the locals that were out in force last night.  In Penticton the May long weekend heralds the start of the season and the hotels open the pools but here the pools are still closed.  We were looking forward to the swim up bar that was advertised on the website but if the bar was open it would be a walk up bar as the pool is bereft of water.


Found a place to eat quite near the hotel, still haven't figured out what to order but last night had a delicious seafood pasta that we shared so thought I'd order the same again in a different restaurant tonight and ended up with a seafood pasta but the shellfish was still in its shell and there was lots of it.  Roger didn't know what to order but thought he was ordering something meaty, turned out it was prosciutto and cheese and lots of that too.  By this time our second dish was on its way which was ten delicious skewers (each) of lamb when we could have done to have just shared it so we didn't have any room for the fries that Roger had so longingly craved for. Half a litre of the house wine was 3E.  Total bill for a very delicious but filling meal was 40E.


May 25th

Left our lovely hotel in Guilianova and drove along the coast as long as we could but the road kept moving away and it was causing too many problems to keep going back so we settled for the fact that any ocean views had to be from a distance.  Arrived at our next stop in Senigalia, the hotel wasn't as good but the beach was and we enjoyed another afternoon of lazing around, the weather had turned really hot up to 27C now so we had to be careful of not getting too burned.  The beaches are really well set up though, the umbrella bases have spots to keep wallets, watches etc., and there are hooks to hang up clothes and backpacks.  After cooking for a few hours we went back to our room and enjoyed our balcony again overlooking the Adriatic and then went for a stroll along the prom looking for somewhere to eat.  We chose the Sailors Club and found a table overlooking the ocean, we then realized that I might be the only female in the restaurant, there was one other person who looked a bit like a man/woman and we began to wonder about our choice of restaurant given the name.  Shortly after we arrived though some other ladies arrived and I felt more comfortable – so did Roger.  Had a good meal but again far too much, when will we learn that we should only order for one person and share?  When we finished eating the waiter brought a bottle of yellow stuff to the table which turned out to be a lemon liqueur, it was delicious but two small glasses finished us off, it was very potent, can't imagine drinking the whole bottle.