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A Drive on the North Side

Written on: Monday November 13th, 2006

A journal entry from: The Winter of 2006/2007

  • Today is our last day in Cape Town. We picked Arlene up at Estee?s place and drove north along the coastal route with an ultimate destination of Saldanha where Arlene has a cottage. After about an hour and a half we arrived at Langebaan, Arlene?s friends Brian and Lyn live here and have a beautiful house overlooking Saldanha Bay, we had coffee and cake on their deck overlooking the view.

  • Arlene then took us to her cottage, which is directly on Saldanha Bay. The cottage is over 70 years old and was originally a fishermen?s cottage; it has one bedroom, a bathroom and a living room/kitchen. The biggest attraction though is it?s vicinity to the Bay, a hop skip and a jump, and the gorgeous view through the living room window. What a super place to relax far away from it all. Saldanha itself is about a one mile walk away and Arlene said that she frequently walks along the beach to the village to pick up groceries. Arlene bought the cottage five years ago for around $25,000, she?s already been offered four times that much for it. As with everywhere else we?ve seen in Cape Town, the area is being developed and although the cottage itself is small, the lot is big and a good-sized house could be put on it.

  • We had lunch at Paternoster an even smaller community but already the development has started as Cape Town residents snap up the properties for weekend retreats.
  • We drove back to Cape Town; approaching from the north gave us a different look at Table Mountain, this would be what sailors saw many years ago after a long journey from the northern hemisphere. After saying goodbye to Arlene until we meet in Kruger, we went back to get ready for our evening meal. John and Marilyn Wright and John and Ann Collinson (old buddies from Roger?s trainee accounting days) had arrived in Cape Town that day and met us at the restaurant. We had a great evening catching up on old times, they?re travelling much of the same route as us but apart from our meeting in Cape Town, our itinerary didn?t match with theirs.