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Leaving Canada

Written on: Monday October 30th, 2006

A journal entry from: The Winter of 2006/2007

Well here we are all ready to go. Had a lovely day with Daryl and Chloe yesterday. Took the 9:15 am flight out of Penticton and Daryl picked us up and took us to watch Chloe play a soccer game, then out for luch and then watch Chloe play in goal for her team in the afternoon. Elise joined us for dinner at Earls, then a couple of drinks at Chloe's before heading off to bed. Daryl and Chloe were working on Monday but Daryl picked us up and took us to the airport after we'd had a great day walking along the seawall from Chloe's to Stanley Park and back. Stopped for fish and chips at Second Beach. We met up with Mike and Jean at Vancouver Airport where they ushered us into the British Airways lounge. As business class (bumped up to first class) travellers they were able to bring two friends into the lounge. So we got free food and booze before our trip. Must admit it was a bit like a library in there though, felt guilty for laughing. The trip went well, a bit bumpy but otherwise OK.