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Cape Town's Penguins

Written on: Sunday November 5th, 2006

A journal entry from: The Winter of 2006/2007

Arrived in South Africa at 6 am Saturday morning and were met by our host Darrell who drove us a short distance to White Lodge, the guest house that we'll call home for the next ten days. White Lodge is in the suburb of Constantia which is on the north east side of Cape Town. From our balcony we can see the back of Table Mountain. Catherine and Darrell made us very welcome, made us a cup of coffee and then took us up to our rooms so that we could have a cat nap before dragging ourselves out to start exploring Cape Town. It was a rainy day so we decided to travel to the Point. We'd rented a van so drove down the east side of the Cape stopping at the Harbour Village Restaurant for lunch. Along the coastline there were several neat looking villages. We'd been told that whales are very close to the shore so were very excited when we spotted one frolicking not too far out. After that we had to keep stopping as there were several of them, some really close to the shore. They didn't do too much other than fin and tail raising as they need some depth in order to get themselves out of the water, I believe it's called breeching. We then drove further south to Boulder Beach where there is a small colony of penguins. They are extremely cute and very used to humans. Although they were behind short fences, they were almost within touching distance but just ignored all the people passing by. Then it was on to the Cape Point passing an ostrich familyalongside the road. We parked the car at the Point parking lot and walked up to the lighthouse, there was a longer walk to the Point but we were too tired to attempt that, maybe another day. The view from the lighthouse was spectacular. As we drove back towards Constanciaa family of baboons crossed the road. We stopped the car and watched the little ones climb trees and play together while mum and dad sat on rocks watching them and half watching us. Back to White Lodge and a quick shower and a walk to a local restaurant "Barbarellas". The meal was delicious, we had lamb chops. Yuimmy. And so to bed after a very busy day.