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Hull Not Worst Place In UK

Written on: Friday November 3rd, 2006

A journal entry from: The Winter of 2006/2007

Hull has now been promoted out of the top 10 of worse cities in the world to live. The Hull City Council reckon it was a glitch that it was put there in the first place. It does seem a bit harsh that it should have been given that title. The last couple of days I?ve been here were quite pleasant. The weather was clear but cool but what really amazed me was that there were hardly any leaves lying on the ground as they?re all still on the trees. I seem to remember when I was growing up here that all the leaves were down by the end of September. We had a quick tour of Hull yesterday and there?s major development in the city centre which, if done right, should significantly improve the downtown area.

Had a great time with family. Spent all of my time with Joyce and Anita and it was good to have that connection again. We reminisced a lot and drank a bit. On my last night went to their ?local? and most of my nieces and nephews came to see their old auntie, also my old school pal, Jackie and her husband Trev.

Of course the journey here couldn?t be without a little trauma. The plane made good time from Vancouver to Heathrow but once there lost some time being held over the airport by traffic control and then once on the ground took ages taxiing to the gate. So I left Roger with most of the luggage while I sped off to try to catch the 4 pm train to Hull. I knew that if I missed it I would have to wait until 7:30 pm for the next one. I dashed into Kings Cross knocking people out of the way with my luggage at four minutes passed the time that the train was due to leave, only to find that the train had been cancelled due to a truck hitting a railroad bridge and taking out some signals. I think I would have missed it anyway so it was a stroke of luck for me as I was put onto the 5:20 pm service run by a different railroad line. The damaged signals did create some delay but I was in Hull for
8:30 pm.

Writing this from the train on my way back to Heathrow where I?ll meet up with Roger and Mike and Jean, Roger has spent the last two days with an old friend from his accounting training days. I talked to him last night and he?s played two games of golf in the London area.

We fly to Cape Town this afternoon. More later.