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A Stroll on the Mall

Written on: Sunday April 8th, 2007

Today Asha and I spent a couple hours on the Mall. We started at the Smithsonian exit on the Metro, then headed west. Unfortunately the Washington Monument had already exhausted its ticket supply for the day so we weren't able to go to the top. After getting the requisite photos, we continued west into the new World War II Memorial. This was really nicely done, and appeared to be the largest monument there. If you haven't seen it yet, it's a large water display with fountains, situated at the end of the Reflecting Pool, opposite the Lincoln Memorial. It is a large white marble display, with a pillar for each US state and territory. Asha especially had fun running laps around the pool.

Next we continued down the Reflecting Pool to the Lincoln Memorial. This was fun for me as I felt I could really make the whole display tangible by relating the physical memorial to the markings on the US penny, with which Asha is familiar. At this point our party was starting to get a bit tired of the walking (ahem, carrying) and the cold, biting wind, so we started trekking back to the Metro station. Along the way we toured the Vietnam War Memorial Wall and the White House, which was all decked out for Easter.

Finally, we had a little fun on the way home with a popular little internet Newspaper I was surprised to find at the newsstand. Enjoy the pics!


From Bryan Rite on Apr 9th, 2007

awww, asha's so cute.

From Bryan Rite on Apr 9th, 2007

I also like the headline on The Onion newspaper: "Christ getting in shape for second coming". Classic.

From Studio::DC on Jul 26th, 2007

There don't seem to be any digipeaters out here. We're picking up mostly simplex transmissions.