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Road Trip!

Written on: Friday January 2nd, 2009

A journal entry from: Nuovo Anno

On the way out of Spoleto we got lost.  Sorta intentionally, sorta not.  Unlike previous days' travel there was no Autostrade to ride.  We also had only two hours of driving to do and all day to do it.  So, what else should we do but see the Italian countryside?

Our trek northward found us driving through the most striking natural scenery yet.  Rolling low green plains swept upward toward snow-capped mountains as we cruised up the Topino River valley.  Little towns flew by until we found ourselves in places no longer on the map.  At this point we decided to turn left.  Turning left means climbing.  Our scenic lowland panoramas were exchanged for high vistas over the same valley.  The roads became narrow and winding, without signage or even lane markings.  Despite the cold we rolled down our windows to better enjoy the experience.  Several times, usually seemingly in the middle of nowhere, we passed road-side shrines.  Some were ancient pagan altars going back to Roman times; most were more modern Catholic enclaves dedicated to saints.  Pictured here is one of the more substantial ones found near the mountain's peak on our journey.

By dumb luck our wanderings took us into, and through, Assisi.  The first hint we had that something big was coming was the view of a huge castle perched on top of a mountain in the distance.  At this point all the roads were still tiny and man-made structures few and far between.  We stopped to get a picture at the first pull-off we could find, which just happened to be a police station.  Seen here through their front gate is the castle at Assisi.  Thirty more minutes of driving and we found ourselves at the castle gates and overrun with campers and RVs of every description.  At one point the (now more substantial 2-lane) road passes through an ancient stone arch, restricting passage to one lane.  We waited as 10 RVs pulled through.  They seemed to be together as we could see them radioing each other as they passed us.  Despite the grandeur and lure of Assisi, we still have at least 2 hours of driving in front of us to get to Firenze, and despite our 2 hour detour through the countryside this morning, we are not any closer.  With this in mind, and the monster Winnebagos breathing down our necks, we decided it's best to keep moving.


From Riko on Jun 28th, 2012

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