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New Friends

Written on: Monday December 29th, 2008

A journal entry from: Nuovo Anno

Today was a special day among the many adventures of our trip.  Let me back up a minute to give you, dear reader, the full story.  Katharine has a bit of a problem.  A yarn addiction some call it.  Others call it needleophilia.  Personally I call it Casting On With Intent to Purl (COWIP).  For you lay-people I'm trying to express her affinity for the knitting craft.  Now knitting is a time-honored tradition, and like most popular sports it evolves with the technology.  But would you be surprised if I told you that knitting has progressed to the point where it has its own social network?  And not a puny one either: Ravelry.com is home to thousands of knitters the world over, which brings me to the point of this story.  Before beginning our trip, Katharine contacted a number of knitters from Italy and let them know we were coming to visit their fine country.  A few of them responded and today we got to meet two of them from Milano.

Flavia ("Caska" on Ravelry) and Silvia ("Typesetter") met us outside the Stazione Centrale in Milano and, after some introductions, took us to a nice little coffee shop a 10 minute walk away.  Silvia speaks fluent English and was very patient as Katharine and I tried our best to mangle some vowels and consonants into intelligible Italian.  With Silvia's coaching and interpreting we all sipped our caffe and talked about all kinds of things.  Much to my surprise the three knitters did not once break out their needles to knit.  The conversation, on the other hand, was fascinating and exciting.  Flavia, born and raised in Spain, has visited many parts of the world and speaks some Japanese.  Later this year she will be married and take a 3-week tour of the US and Phillipines.  Silvia told us a lot about Italian life and customs and gave some great recommendations on things to do and see during our stay.

The next order of business is to, what else, find the LYS (Local Yarn Shop, in knitters' parlance).  More wandering the streets of Milano seeing the shops and people going about their daily business.  Milano is a fantastic city to walk.  No matter down which street you turn there are more streets and more old buildings and more brick and more cobble and more of...everything.  There was not a single uninteresting avenue or alley.  After nearly three continuous days of walking I could do three more months and still be fascinated and enthralled.

Well that's about it from Milano.  Tomorrow we set off for Genova and then parts unknown.  In the meantime enjoy some final pictures from this incredible city and a couple of its' finer inhabitants.


From Ambler on Jan 4th, 2009

So.....do you need another travel bag for all the yarn you bought? How's the hat coming?