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Sunrise over France

Written on: Saturday December 27th, 2008

A journal entry from: Nuovo Anno

The flight across was very, very nice.  First Class is the only way to fly.  First you get the pre-flight adult beverage.  After takeoff it's time for another beverage and some hot towels.  Then you get hot nuts (that's "thermal" ... you have a dirty mind).  After the hot nuts you get some more beverage with a pre-dinner snack (wow, their "snack" is more than I eat most days at home alone), then appetizers, then dinner, then pre-desert, then desert (with port) then more beverage and (if you're still conscious) you get to watch movies and eat and drink as much as you can manage.  Who needs to land?

We had the benefit of traveling with the sun.  Since we took off from Newark at 8pm and headed east, after our "night time" (which lasted, after dinner, about two hours) we woke up to a most beautiful sunrise over the French coast.  The lights of the cities were just starting to fade as the brilliant fiery colors lit up the sky.  Though it is cliche to say, the pictures really don't do it justice.  The trick with the sun really did help with the jet lag.  We landed with only two hours of sleep and, though not at the peak of our mental capacity, we weren't overly exhausted.


Crossing the Alps was another breathtaking sight.  Again, the photos cannot recreate the visual spectacle.  We were flying at around 32,000 feet altitude and it felt like the mountain peaks were just a few hundred feet below.  No wonder the skiing here is so legendary.  Oh, and the biking.  Just ask Drumbabe.


From Ambler on Dec 30th, 2008

Makes me want to watch the Sound of Music all over again.