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New Jersey Blues

Written on: Friday December 26th, 2008

A journal entry from: Nuovo Anno

Let me start by saying that I have nothing against the Garden State.  Not the smell of burning rubber while we were waiting in the holding pattern, not the fact that the tram system that takes you between concourses rivals Tokyo for ludicrous sardine-ing of passengers (in cars smaller than your average Mini Cooper), not even the fact that to move between concourses you have to go through security...again....  Nope, I'm sure New Jersey is a fine place and its denizens are happy, smiling, efficient, cheerful folk.  Just see if you can't get some of them to revamp your airport, please.

The good news is that despite the hurdles we actually passed through with relative ease.  Thanks to a Crown Room membership we whiled away the layover courtesy Continental with fine individually wrapped Tillamook cheeses and Canadian Club beverages.  Perhaps the funniest thing of the trip so far is a vey irate man pacing back and forth throughout the lounge giving whatever poor soul is on the other end of his cell phone both barrels.  In a rather Cockneyed accent.  Except for the fact that this gent has the aforementioned Cockney accent you might have thought he was a Deep South Redneck of the Alabama variety.  The trucker jacket and jeans, the NASCAR hat, the swagger SHOULD have all been dead giveaways.  But for the accent and something about "a half million dollars" in a cashiere's check that could not be deposited (wtf?) he should have been easy to peg.

Next stop: Milan


From Srinivasa on Nov 27th, 2012

John Drew,John Tibbs is the station owner and oterapor. He is in charge of this whole thing. There is no job as he is a volunteer. Everyone and everything you hear on this station has been paid for out of pocket by just a few folks. We are not operating a professional, corporate sounding radio station. We are unprofessional and will make mistakes. But what sets us apart is that we have absolutely no affiliation with large corporate conglomerates, making us truly independent. We also have absolutely no commercials! I also think we have one of the most eclectic blues musical libraries out there.We do appreciate the criticism and are always striving to make ourselves more professional but I just hope you understand that this is a very small, volunteer operation. We do our best and have a good time doing it. One goal in the detour network is to get away from stations operating on 24/7 automation. We invite anyone interested in doing a show to contact us at either or we will be glad to help you get on the air, no matter how unprofessional you are!