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Written on: Sunday June 29th, 2008

A journal entry from: Ben & Kat's "Road Home" Road Trip

Shortly after hitting the road the next morning my stomach made it very clear that I needed to eat.  Quite by accident we stumbled on a little country restaurant called J&J Restaurant.  It was here we experienced the best food of the entire trip.  Katharine is usually good about asking the wait staff what they recommend.  In this case we were very well rewarded with what must be the best ham ever cured.  It was thickest, salty-est, sweetest, smokiest, tenderest most deliciousest ham you can imagine.  My mouth waters writing this.  We shared a half order ("half" in this case apparently referring to the proportion of the entire pig as opposed to any other reasonable measure) of that unbelievable ham along with a whole order of four biscuits with sausage gravy and an egg over easy for Katharine.  By the time all was said and done there was not a crumb left on the table.  If nirvana can be reached through pork, this would be it.  Sadly we were so busy moaning our appreciation that no pictures were taken until it was almost too late.  And how much would you expect to pay for that accumulated mountain of gastric delight?  A cool eight dollars and three cents, including coffee for both of us.  It's almost enough to make you want to move to Arkansas.  Almost.

In honor of these fine restauranteurs I have placed my Footstops pin at the following ham-tastic address:

J&J Restaurant
64 Highway 71 N
Alma, AR 72921
(479) 632-4066

Masters of the Ham, I salute you.

When you visit for your own hammy experience tell them Ben sent you.  They won't have any idea who you're talking about but it will sound cool.

After that delightful start to the day the food coma from my three biscuits and lion's share of ham set in.  I promptly passed out in the passenger seat while Katharine drove us on through the morning and into the afternoon.


From Matee on Nov 27th, 2012

It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of snushine.