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Farmer's Answer to Cadillac Ranch: Combine City!

Written on: Saturday June 28th, 2008

A journal entry from: Ben & Kat's "Road Home" Road Trip

This is just too funny to believe. And to make it better we stumbled on it completely by accident! Stuff like this is exactly why we chose to leave the Interstate system behind us.

Yes, Combine City. Only in Texas. Not to be outdone by 10 paltry Cadillacs, this guy planted combines! And not just 10, but this guy planted 11. No, I won't make the obligatory Spinal Tap reference here, it just wouldn't be right...

Unfortunately Combine City isn't as interactive as Cadillac Ranch. It is very cool to see but the whole thing is fenced off with barbed wire. With no gate and not wanting to stir up a crazy farmer (remember, he planted combines and 11 of them!) we took all the pictures we could from the sidelines. Oh but I did want a shot of me in the cockpit of a combine though. That would have definitely made Combine City cooler than Cadillac Ranch. Hint hint.

Let's do a little compare & contrast here:

Buried Expensive Machines:
Well both qualify for this one. Since the average cost of a combine probably outstrips that of a cadillac, even adjusting for appreciation due to "antique" status, I think Combine City gets this point.
Point: Combine City

Eerie, Creepy Sounds
At best Cadillac Ranch has makes some grinding sounds when the wheels spin. While cool, I wouldn't call it eerie. Combine City, on the other hand, has lots of loose metal that was creaking and clattering in the wind. Kindof like you'd imagine ghost farmers tuning their machines to plow the field again. If only he could get those last bolts in place...
Point: Combine City

Public, Interactive Art
Sorry Combine City, you don't even come close on this one. Not only does Cadillac Ranch allow you to walk right up to the former road machines, they allow you to climb on them and even paint them. Combine City would prefer to keep you at a safe distance with the same kind of crowd control mechanism he uses for his cows. That's right, the owner of Combine City has lumped you, his visitor, into the same category as cattle. Ouch, that stings Mr. Combine.
Point: Cadillac Ranch

Winner: Cadillac Ranch!

Yeah that contest wasn't rigged at all.