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Palo Duro Canyon

Written on: Saturday June 28th, 2008

A journal entry from: Ben & Kat's "Road Home" Road Trip

After departing Cadillac Ranch we headed south with our sights set on Palo Duro Canyon. Having been admonished not to miss this "mini-Grand Canyon" by Katharine's dad we really had no choice. To get there we traveled on I-40 and I-27 for a short stint but before long we were back on open farm roads rolling through miles of flat featureless fields with only power lines and windmills to break up the monotony.

That is, until, all of a sudden a giant hole appeared in the ground off to the right. This hole grew wider and deeper and suddenly there's a canyon! It was the second most surprising geographic transition of the trip. True to his word, Palo Duro really is something like a mini-Grand Canyon. With lots of camping sites and plenty of other activities this park is going on the list of places to come back and enjoy more some day. We didn't spend very much time here being already WELL behind schedule, but Katharine did manage to pick up a stack of postcards and snow globes (in Texas they're sand globes) as is her tradition.


From Mom on Jul 7th, 2008

OK.....enough of the tongue already....how many years have you been doing the tongue....too many

From Mom on Jul 7th, 2008

Big Laugh....long and loud!

From Agnes on Jun 29th, 2012

Thanks, Gina! That is also the lesson I got from this ecnprieexe. While I wish the little duck didn't have to die, I feel fortunate to have crossed his path so I could give it some peace and comfort in his final moments. He really did seem to ecnprieexe a peaceful exit. When I approached, he seemed a little panicky; but after I knelt before him, he seemed to relax. I was completely focused on him. For those few moments, it was as if no other creatures existed in the universe. Six years prior to this ecnprieexe, I sat vigil with my Grandma as she exited this world. The memory of being with her as she took her final breaths is both traumatic and beautiful for me. While I wont discuss the trauma of those moments and the sadness I feel when I remember, the beauty was that we seemed to connect on a spiritual level in her final hours, and that was beautiful. With Grandma, there was also a long moment in which it felt as though there were no other creatures in our world. It was just me and Grandma having a spiritual conversation and it felt like she was amused by my inaudible banter. Though that visit probably lasted less than an hour, it seemed to last several. Actually, as I took the exit to visit her in the hospital, they gave her the morphine which made it impossible for us to visit in the physical sense. And, as I took that exit, I had a vision, or some might call it a daydream, of me and my Grandma romping around exploring Heaven together! The dream made me believe there was a chance she and I might be going together, so sometimes I certainly do wonder Why the heck am I still here?