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Cadillac Ranch

Written on: Saturday June 28th, 2008

A journal entry from: Ben & Kat's "Road Home" Road Trip

If you've never seen Cadillac Ranch, you're missing out. While not particularly well marked from the interstate it's still hard to miss. It's hard to say much about the what or why other than to flatly state what it is: Start with a huge expanse of idle farmland, flat and dusty. Stir in one kooky Texas helium millionaire and a troupe of freelancing San Francisco artists. Add 10 1950's era Cadillacs. Bury said Cadillacs nose-down at about a 45-degree angle in the ground. Add graffiti (actually many many several bunches of layers of graffiti) to taste and bake in the Texas sun for about 35 years there you have it. One organic American road icon.

Part of the experience of Cadillac ranch is the decorating. The implement of choice by far is the can of spraypaint, though Sharpies are also well represented. Personally I have contributed a Defcon sticker in the past. For the paint, any and every color you can imagine, from the gaudy obnoxious day-glo yellow to the relatively reserved matte black have at one time graced these erstwhile autos. These cars have seen more colors than several mega-size packages of Crayola combined. Today a big family on a road trip had armed their entire posse and they were going to town. Fearing for our personal safety (I actually prefer my clothes stay their original color) we stayed a bit away from the wild-eyed kids with their temporarily legalized delinquency. The glee showed in their work and we admired the excitement from a safe distance. After a while they had had their fun and before walking away started offering the remaining paint to the various other people hanging around. We were the grateful recipients of a can of shiny black spray paint. Now the only question left was, given this oh-so-temporary billboard of expression, what to write? What would you write?

Well since I personally have never had such a keen opportunity I felt compelled to write the obvious: "I Drumbabe" while Katharine expressed her own deepest feelings with "Drumbabe Rules."


From Skeeziks on Jun 30th, 2008

So... did you find the DEFCON sticker?

From Ben K. on Jun 30th, 2008

Nope, the DEFCON sticker was LONG covered by the paint. Check out the layers of paint shot in the photo gallery. I was (once again) surprised by just how thick that paint is slathered on.