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The Amarillo Reel

Written on: Friday June 27th, 2008

A journal entry from: Ben & Kat's "Road Home" Road Trip

We rolled into Amarillo around 9:15pm. Amarillo, being several horses larger than most of the towns we travelled through today, we had our choice of hotel. The lucky winner was the Hotel Kiva, right off I-40. The Kiva shared part of its building with the Western Horseman Club which was quite the happening spot tonight. Every self-respecting blue-jean-wearing cowboy-hat-toting boot-scuffling man about town who was anybody was representing himself here in high form tonight. The parking lot was packed. Katharine requested a room as far from the commotion as we could get and the nice lady at the Kiva obliged. At the same time we requested and received a recommendation for a place to enjoy margaritas, only they were to close in 30 minutes. We hustled on over and did just that. The place was definitely emptying out but we made time for flautas (me) and barbaroa (Katharine). The barbaroa was something new as neither of us had heard of it. The waitress, however, couldn't speak highly enough of it. Katharine was glad she ordered it, especially given the fact that her alternate "new experience" choice on the menu turned out to actually be cow tongue. The bararoa was pretty good, and the margaritas didn't hurt either.


From Mom on Jul 7th, 2008

Darling Girl, you have had cows tongue before. Grandmother loved it and I used to make is a lot for you when you were growing up. Do you not remember?????