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Boise City Operator, How may I direct your call?

Written on: Friday June 27th, 2008

A journal entry from: Ben & Kat's "Road Home" Road Trip

While still headed southbound on US 287 toward Amarillo we went through the small town of Boise City, OK.  287 goes right through downtown circling the city courthouse in classic traffic roundabout style.  On one side of the roundabout was a relic from a bygone era, the pay phone booth.  Naturally we just had to stop.

There are so many comic poses you can make with such an iconic item as a phone booth.  Among the attempts we we made this day were the Superman and The Matrix.  Riffs on Dr. Who were considered but abandoned due to the cultural differences between English and American phone booths.  I would pay good money to get my hands on one of those "General System" stickers.

In case you're wondering, yes the phone had dial tone and appeared to be in working order.  However since we were long distance call away from practically the entire world and our supply of quarters was insufficient we did not attempt a phone call.