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Lunch in Lamar

Written on: Friday June 27th, 2008

A journal entry from: Ben & Kat's "Road Home" Road Trip

 For lunch we stopped in Lamar, CO.  On the way into town we passed by a funky looking wood building with a sign proclaiming that it was built (almost) entirely from petrified wood.  Petrified wood isn't (at least not for a VERY long time) actually wood.  Instead it is wood from eons ago that was fossilized over time.  Today it is more like rock or stone except it still looks like wood.  Kinda.  See the pics.

While we were stopped in Lamar we decided to pay a visit to BJ's Burgers and Fries.  Impressive looking signs on the door and colorful ribbons inside  explained how BJ's is a local favorite, consistently winning such illustrious categories as "Best Fries."  BJ's follows in the tradition of many other western roadside fast food restaurants in that it is a drive-in where you are supposed to order by way of a squawk box and eat in your car .  They also have a small inside seating area with tables but you still get to place your order by telephone.  The waitress comes out with your food and collects payment on the spot, making change from a belt-attached coin machine.  Here Katharine experienced a gastric first:  the Frito Pie.  This oddity of snack food marketing is not often seen in health-conscious Boulder, or really many places at all short of a pot-luck dinner with relatives you only see at Thanksgiving or family reunions.  For myself I chose an item that a place like this might be known to specialize in, given the name of the establishment.  I had a cheese burger.