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I have arrived

Written on: Friday October 27th, 2006

Actually I arrived last night. After seeing much of the country (or at least as much as you can see through some of the densest fog imaginable and constant rain storms and even snow (!)) we have arrived in Boulder, CO. Other than a lack of sleep, the timing could not have been better. We literally walked into the theater as the curtain was going up! The show was amazing; nobody does a live show like Cabaret Diosa.

Given our hectic schedule I don't have any pics yet, but I'm going right now to fix that. More later.


From Jeffsey on Oct 29th, 2006

Yeah and due to the fact that b hasn't gotten photos ready you couldn't post them anyways. I think he's working diligently on it though.

From b on Nov 13th, 2006

photos work now