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A Stroll on the Mall Photos

Asha poses with the Metro station sign

Asha displays the Washington Monument

Asha's prize posession of the day: her rock. Taken at the WWII Memorial.

I told her "show me a serious pose for this one" in an attempt to get one where she wasn't playing ballerina. I think she may have been just a little confused about the meaning of "serious."

Asha and Dad at the WWII Memorial.

The wind on the Reflecting Pool was really whipping through, but we made it to the end. Here we approach the Lincoln Memorial.

Asha snapped this one of me looking back from the Lincoln Memorial toward the Washington Memorial. Barely visible in the background is the Capitol building.

Mr. Lincoln himself

Asha reads the Vietnam War Memorial introduction sign under the fading blooms of a cherry tree.

A close-up of the same cherry tree.

By this point Asha was not wanting any more pictures taken, so of course I took a few more.

Self portrait. The U.S. Treasury is in the background.

Bonus! Asha carefully reads the days top news stories. In case you can't read the title, that's The Onion. In print!