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Vecchio Citta Pistoia Photos


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The peculiar striping indicates a church. This particular building used to be the Oratory for the church on the far left. Today it is a neat cafe on the main pedestrian-only Piazza dello Spirito Santo.

Another chuch building, this one on the Piazza del Duomo

A wide shot of the Piazza del Duomo

Another shot from the Piazza del Duomo. On the left is the City of Pistoia Public Museum. To visit it you simply walk through the gigantic wooden doors and start wandering around.

Inside the City of Pistoia Public Museum.

A statue of a boy riding a wolf seemingly riding skyward. This is in the central courtyard shown in the last photo.

A view of the center ceiling of our room at Canto all Porta Vecchia

The corner of the ceiling

Detail of the fresco on the ceiling

Sitting by the window in our room

A view of the cupola of the church (not even the Duomo!) out the window of the sitting room

The sitting room at the Canto all Porta Vecchia



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