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Riding into town

Written on: Monday October 24th, 2011

A journal entry from: What I Love About Boulder

 Today I had plans to meet up with some friends at the Avery Tap Room.  It was a gorgeous day at around 68 degrees and clear skies.  First, I had to get past Westminster and Superior before I could get into the "green belt" that surrounds Boulder.  Until I get on Marshall Road, the riding is fairly boring.  But once on Marshall Road, the scenery start to get better and better.


The city of Boulder lies in a valley, bounded on the west by the Rocky Mountain foothills, and on the east by a ridge separating it from Superior.  The entire city is surrounded by an approximately 1 mile wide green belt, which is open space owned by the city and will never be developed.

After riding to the end of Marshall I then turn left on Broadway and take that north through CU Boulder's lush and spacious campus on University Hill.  From there I turn down the Boulder Creek Path, named after the creek it parallels through the middle of town.  One thing that makes Boulder so easy to get around is its nearly ubiquitous trail system.  As a walker, skateboarder, runner or biker you can get from almost anywhere to almost anywhere without needing to use streets or even sidewalks.  Being so removed from the roads also makes the whole thing feel like you're wandering through a forest, rather than the reality of being in the middle of town.

So by now you've seen lots of picturesque scenery, but scenery alone isn't the whole story.  My favorite thing about Boulder is the people.  If I had to find a way to put it into a single sentence it would be this: People in Boulder, whoever they are and wherever they come from, are just themselves.  Where else can you find a place where research scientists from NOAA and NIST rub elbows with artists, hipsters and hippies, all infiltrated with a concentration of luminary denizens of the Internet thanks to a booming tech startup scene? And I don't just mean they live in the same neighborhoods.  When you're in Boulder you just want to be outside.  Why not, when you have this much open space just begging to be grass between your toes? 


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