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Written on: Saturday June 20th, 2009

We were less than 24 hours in Singapore, arriving by bus in the evening and leaving for an aeroplane to Sydney first thing in the morning. After our last delicious meal in Asia (see pics) we wandered for a short while through the Little India area of the city. It was bustling with life, markets, traffic, all kinds of people, and many of the building are old British Colonial in style. It was strange to be in a country where the national language was English, although most people speak it in a strange accent. People of all originalities chat to each other in English, and you hear the children chatting, flitting between their two languages. All the signs are in English, road signs, shop signs, road names, company names.

It was so hot that many people were coming out of their homes and in groups sitting on deck chairs and boxes. Some of them lying down to sleep on mats in the alleys in the hope of catching some breeze!


I found Singapore neither enjoyable nor disappointing. It's quite impressive but it's not the clean and tidy utopia that people sometimes talk about when refering to Singapore. Although it's always nice to stay for longer, I'm certainly not in any rush to return. The frog porridge was extremely good though!