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New Zealand - Lake Tekapo (in the snow)

Written on: Saturday July 4th, 2009

After five hours of driving, the conditions getting worse by the minute (darker and snowier) we stopped by the side of the road to try to work out where we'd be able to sleep the night. At that point, a police car approached us and warned that we should not carry on driving as the snow was due to get even worse, and we were advised to our disappointment to stop for the night in a drab looking concrete pub car park.

When we awoke in the morning, our disappointment quickly changed to the complete opposite, as we had the most amazing view over the lake. However, we did have to put up with no tea or shower that morning as our water tank had frozen solid!

It wasn't possible to drive anywhere that first day as the roads were closed, so we enjoyed the surrounds and walked by the lake. That evening, we met up with Richard, whom we'd first met on the Thai-Laos border, who went to the same school as Jon. Thankfully he invited us to his to warm up by the open fire in his wooden house. Very cosy.