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China - Chengdu 2

Written on: Thursday February 12th, 2009

Back in Chengdu.

What are those red, amber and green lights? And those white stripes on the road?... oh don't worry about them, just follow what the inept policeman at every junction or crossing is trying to tell you, and a hundred others, to do.

Basically, the only rule you need to know from now on in Asia is: the larger the vehicle or the louder the horn, the more clout you have on the roads as far as priority and right of way is concerned.

We had another taxi problem on our way out of Chengdu. So many taxis, but none were free. So another tale of back-to-the-hostel where one of girls came out and managed to flag down a taxi, out of which the confused passenger was promptly thrown and sent on his merry way in order to let us in!


(Chengdu Dreams Travel Hostel - roof rooms highly recommended)