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China - Xi'an (Terracotta Warriors)

Written on: Friday February 6th, 2009

The Warriors, slightly out of town, are definitely worth a look, but Xi'an city (especially during Spring Festival) is an absolute nightmare. Old ladies get pushed to the ground in a scramble for the bus, and you can't see more than 100 yards down the road through the smog. Apparently there is a problem with acid rain here. I don't know about acid rain, but we certainly saw coal-rain. It fell as a slippery film on the ground which slowed everybody down to a pigeon step shuffle.

So we only stayed one full day.

Although the muslim market was a sight to see we wouldn't recommend Xi'an for anything else but the Warriors..

On our way out to the railway station we managed to flag down 5 taxis, but as soon as we said (or pointed at in the phrase book) "railway station", which was a 10 minute drive away, they sped off, one with the door still open!

We had to return to the hostel a bit desperate, where Jon had a tantrum and nearly cried in order to secure a ride from the hostel driver. He now claims it was all part of the masterplan, but I'm not so sure.


(Han Tang Inn - recommended)