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Japan - Tokyo 1 (metropolis)

Written on: Monday January 19th, 2009

We stayed with Norah's brother and sister-in-law in Tokyo.

Tokyo is quite bizarre- a huge city but it doesn't feel like it. A total contradiction of modern technology and tradition. It is extremely impressive though, especially when you consider that it was built from scratch pretty much after WWII.

We got stung by the all time low of the pound against the yen, but with Arthur and Nat's help we found some great places to eat for relatively cheap.

We got to where the map showed us the bus stop would be for the Kyoto night bus. It was nowhere. I walked round the block, Arthur walked round the block, Natacha had to go home as it was getting late and she had work the following morning, Norah went round the block. No bus stop. Then suddenly out of nowhere: yellow flags, red bibs, and a lit up bus stop materialised, with 10 staff squealing down megaphones. After another half hour we were led in a line around the corner to get on the bus, and as quickly as it arrived, the bus stop disappeared.