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Vietnam - Hoi An 2 (bronchitis convalescence) Photos


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The sun's gone in, so the locals come out.

But with clothes still on.

Old ladies spending the day on the beach hoping for a sale.

Really old ladies.

How many are they going to fit on that bike? Four down, one to go. They ended up settling with three and I suppose two walked to keep each other company. We've seen 5, but with 2 or 3 small children!

The electric storms in the late evenings were amazing. We weren't quick enough with the camera for those pics though!

Spent quite a lot of time here watching the sky over the mountains in the distance.

The Big Speech Bubble in the Sky!

Norah's got a lovely bunch of coconuts!

More che ba mau.

The offering to the dead on half moon night. Tea, sweets, rice, wine, cigarettes. Underneath the bowl of sweets is paper money (which will be burned later) the currency of which is both Dong for the locals, and since the Vietnam War, American Dollars for those that died in the area. There will be another table laid out like this indoors for the family ancestors whose ghosts are allowed to enter their property.

Drying the bed mats out every morning.

The day after half moon, small bunches of flowers are placed in front of many shops/homes. (Shops are their homes).



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