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Vietnam - Ninh Binh (rice paddies) Photos


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After we'd been travelling on the bus for 30 minutes we had a 30 minute break to eat!

On the menu.

This punter obviously didn't find the hotel as comfortable as we did.

The hotel manager's bedroom!

Thought the silk sleeper might be necessary.

Jon's second haircut.

This is strange, only because he's actually got a helmet on.

Lunch break. They all cycle in group lines. Some holding hands, some texting, some reading, none paying attention to the road!

Plucking the poor thing in front of his mates!

Woah, appetising.

Jon up and about. We thought for a bit we might have to bury him with the goldfish as he had contracted malaria from a septic mosquito bite.

A common sight (in villages, towns, and cities), wedding tents taking up the pavement and most of the road.

Building upwards. The amount of stairs we had to climb in Vietnam was phenominal.



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