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Return to Uyuni

Written on: Wednesday August 8th, 2007

A journal entry from: Bolivia, Peru, and the Galapagos!

Today we drove back to Uyuni to complete our Bolivian Southwest Circuit. We passed through some interesting rock formations in the Valles de Rocas, but for the most part the drive was long. I think I'd seen enough volcanos at this point, so I spent most of the drive working on Sudoku puzzles.

Just before we arrived at Uyuni, we stopped at a train cemetery, which was just a bunch of rusted steam locomotives. But they were quite interesting to look at. Once in Uyuni late that afternoon, we checked into the hotel that we had stayed at the night prior to our departure on the circuit tour. They gave us a four-bed room with two showers that the 14 of us all shared. We all had luke warm showers, but it didn't seem to matter much since everyone's clothes and backpacks were dirty. We also discovered that the electricity was out in the whole city, so nobody could charge cameras or use hairdryers. Nonetheless, restaurants were open since everyone uses gas to cook and they are quite accustomed to candles for lighting (power outages are frequent). We all headed out to a pizza place called Minuteman which was run by a former Bostonian (no clue why he decided to setup shop in the middle of nowhere). The pizza was delicious!

After dinner, we grabbed our backpacks and headed to the train station to catch our train back to La Paz at midnight...