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Geysers, Hot Springs, Desert, Rocks, Volcanos, and Laguna Verde

Written on: Tuesday August 7th, 2007

A journal entry from: Bolivia, Peru, and the Galapagos!

We explored the national park today, starting with the Sol de Manana Geyser Basin (altitude 16,000 feet). Here, you are free to walk right up to the geysers and bubbling mud pools, something that would never be allowed at the geysers and pools at Yellowstone. I'm not sure how safe it was, but it was nice that the sights weren't spoiled with ugly fences.

Next, we visited Termas de Polques (hot springs) where a few of our group members hopped in (not me). The water was only 85 F, so not hot, but we were all very cold and unshowered, so some people took it as an opportunity to warm up and get clean.

We then traveled through a desert and past the Rocas de Dali, a group of distantly placed rocks in the desert that were so named because some say they could have been put there by Salvador Dali since they seem so out of place.

Next, we continued on to Laguna Verde, but not before encountering a Landcruiser with a broken front axle! These vehicles take a beating out here!! The driver had left the passengers there and had caught a ride to town to get a replacement vehicle to arrive in several hours. Poor people! Anyway... Laguna Verde is at the very southern tip of Bolivia which was overlooked by Volcan Licancabur (which straddles the Chilean border just like Volcan Ollangue). Due to a high mineral content, the lake was a beautiful green color and was able to stay liquid down to -70 F!! We saw flamingos hanging out in this lake as well.