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Going to South America

Written on: Saturday July 28th, 2007

A journal entry from: Bolivia, Peru, and the Galapagos!

The American Airlines checkin at Boston was torture this morning. I arrived at Logan at 5am (a full two hours before my flight!) hoping to grab a coffee and relax before my flight, but such wasn't the case. The airline had queued everyone into one long line at the checkin. This turned out to be the "holding" line. Then, as a particular flight's departure time grew near, they pulled those passengers out of the line to checkin. It was super confusing and frustrating to most passengers. I managed to be first in the Miami line and was able to arrive at my gate just as they opened boarding, however, our flight was then delayed 30 minutes so we could wait for the 100+ people behind me to checkin and go through security. Sigh.

I'm currently sitting in the Miami airport waiting for my connecting flight to La Paz. I'm going through guilt-withdrawal. I feel like there must be something I should be doing for my PhD research... running a simulation, conducting an experiment, something.... but there's nothing to do except read one of my Lonely Planet guides and type this blog entry. I guess the relief of turning in my thesis yesterday still hasn't set in. I'm hoping I can free my conscious of these guilty feelings soon!!

I think I'll get back to studying my Latin American Spanish Phrasebook now and brush up on everything I learned in high school...