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Written on: Saturday July 21st, 2007

A journal entry from: England (and Paris!)

After arriving in London on the Eurostar, we headed to King's Cross station to catch the train to Cambridge. After arriving, we wandered around the city center for a bit before heading over to meet Wayne at his house where we were welcomed with Pimm's upon our arrival! We then headed into town with Wayne, his girlfriend Barbara, and Justin (one of his roommates, and also at MIT alum) for dinner and drinks at various pubs.

On Sunday, Wayne cooked us all breakfast and then we headed down to the River Cam where we hired a punt (a small boat, see the pictures...). The ride down the river was nice, and it was made more entertaining by all the tourists that were attempting to push their own punts. They were constantly crashing into one another and made little forward progress. I highly recommend hiring someone to punt as we did, otherwise you waste several hours going nowhere. After the ride on the river, we strolled around the various colleges of Cambridge University, including a visit to Trinity College where Hayden went to undergrad. We finished up our tour with a visit to the Engineering buildings and then some pints with a couple of Hayden's friends at The Mill. And finally, had a late dinner with Wayne and Barbara in town.