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Written on: Thursday July 12th, 2007

A journal entry from: England (and Paris!)

After another healthy English breakfast, and then lunch in the garden, we headed to the city of Bath, which is just one train stop west of Bristol.

Upon arrival, we had tea at Sally Lunn's. This seemed to be a huge tourist destination for afternoon tea, as Hayden and the wait staff were the only non-Americans there. I managed to leave my camera on the table when we were finished, but the tourists at the next table rescued it for me. I'm sure I wouldn't be so lucky in South America.

The main attraction of Bath is the ancient Roman Bath complex which is built around a natural hot spring. The entrance fee to the attraction was about 11 pounds each (with the current exchange rate, that's 22 US dollars!), which included a free audio guide, so we were sure to investigate every nook and cranny and listen to every audio recording in order to get our money's worth. There isn't much left of the baths from the Roman times, other than the actual baths themselves. Most of the structures surrounding them were built in Victorian times when the baths were uncovered and turned into an attraction.

To finish our time in Bath, we headed to Porter Bar where a musician from Washington State was supposed to be playing that night (I had no idea who this person was, but I saw it in the local guide and figured that we should check it out). Once there, we discovered that the bar menu was completely vegeterian, so my hopes for an authentic English pub meal were squashed. Instead, we both enjoyed a nice vegan Shepard's pie (the lamb was replaced with Lentils). Next, we headed down into the basement level of the bar, the "Cellar", and waited for the musician. The opening act was a British guy on a mini acoustic guitar. He was pretty decent, which gave us hope that the headliner from Washington state may be okay....

But... in reality he turned out to be pretty terrible. It was a one-man show put on by an early-20-something with shaggy hair and a mid-90s outfit. He produced his sound through a combination of a keyboard, several pre-recorded electronic sounds and live vocals, none of which ever seemed in-sync or in-tune. We left by the time he played his second song and headed back to Bristol