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Written on: Wednesday July 11th, 2007

A journal entry from: England (and Paris!)

After a late rise, Hayden's mom laid out the perfect English breakfast for us (this turned out to be a daily occurence) including cereal, rolls (with a choice of two marmalades), fruit, juice and coffee. Later in the afternoon (after Hayden's mom filled us with a terrific lunch) we saw some of the sites around Bristol on foot. We started at his house and headed down Black Boy Hill and onto White Ladies Road where there were plenty of shops and restaurants.

We then visited Bristol Grammar School, where Hayden went to school from age 7 to 17. While there, we ran into one of his former teachers who let us onto the grounds and into one of the main halls so that I could look around. The main hall had a bit of a Harry Potter feel to it. Hayden says it used to be even more so back in the day before they put in the modern tables.

From here, we continued down Park Street and took a break for a glass of wine along the quay before catching a long bus ride back to near his home. (We took the wrong bus and probably ended up walking the same distance from where it dropped us off as we would have walked had we not taken a bus in the first place! :) )

Once home, Hayden's mom cooked us another one of her fabulous meals!